ECA Special Engagement: Pink Martini

"Pink Martini is a rollicking around-the-world musical adventure...if the United nations had a house band in 1962, hopefully we'd be that band." Thomas Lauderdale, Bandleader/Pianist

Drawing inspiration from music from all over the world - crossing genres of classical, jazz and old-fashioned pop - and hoping to appeal to conservatives and liberals alike, Thomas Lauderdale founded Pink Martini in 1994 to provide more beautiful and inclusive musical soundtracks for political fundraisers for causes such as civil rights, affordable housing, the environment, libraries, public broadcasting, education and parks.

Featuring a dozen musicians, Pink Martini performs its multilingual repertoire on concert stages and with symphony orchestras all over the world.

Pink Martini has just released its ninth studio album, Je dis oui!, which features vocals from China Forbes, Storm large, Ari Shapiro, fashion guru Ikram Goldman, civil rights activist Kathleen Saadat, and Rufus Wainwright. The album is the bands happiest in years; it features 15 tracks spanning eight languages and affirms the band's 22 year history of global inclusivity and collaborative spirit.

Sponsored by:
Dewar, Meeks & Ekrem
Leslie & Mike Foley
David & Lisa Helber
Terry Vehrs - Windermere Real Estate

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