Alex Dey – Life Coach


Motivational Talk:

Alejandro "Alex" Dey is a Mexican American, life coach, motivational speaker, sales adviser, and published writer. 

He's the creator of more than 20 videos in audio and video, author of almost a dozen books, among which are three best sellers that have sold more than one million copies each, which are: "The Seller's Bible," "Create it if you can", and "Dare nothing happens", earned him the appointment of Doctor Honoris Causa by the American Cultural Institute Mexico 2012.

His video sales programs have trained more sellers than any other work of the same line, he is also author of "The Hispanic Library of Integral Development", the most complete program that exists in the Spanish-speaking world contains 60 CDs and 20 DVDs of how a person can start absolutely from scratch, how to get a job, how to open a business, where to subsidize to open a business, how to get employees, how to grow as an entrepreneur, and how to go on the ladder from micro to macro businessman, for every man and a woman who dreams of becoming an extraordinary being without limits.

He is currently dedicated to the study and Investigation of Human Behavior and has a great career training people in Personal Development in world-class companies.



Alex Dey – Life Coach
September 06, 2019
07:00pm to 09:00pm