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POSTPONED: Juno and Avos


This event has been postponed. New Date TBA.

Performed in Russian

Rock opera "JUNO and AVOS" will be shown in Seattle!

The production of the theater by Alexei Rybnikov. (12+)

The authors are the prominent Russian composer Alexei Rybnikov and the poet Andrei Voznesensky.

The premiere of the rock opera "Juno" and "Avos" took place in 1981 on the stage of the Moscow Lenin Komsomol Theater, and for more than 30 years now it has been with constant success and a full house.

In 1992, Alexey Rybnikov founded his own theater - "Alexey Rybnikov Theater", which in 1999 received the status of the State.

In 2009, especially for showing at the Pierre Cardin festival in Lacoste, Alexei Rybnikov created the author's version of the rock opera “Juno” and “Avos” (directed by Alexander Rykhlov), which premiered with great success on July 3, 2009. For 10 years now, Juno and Avos. The author's version ”successfully goes on the best stages of Russia and abroad.

The new version of the opera combines the traditions of Russian sacred music, folklore, and genres of mass "urban" music, with the composer's imaginative, ideological, and aesthetic priorities.

The performance is filled with brilliant Moscow artists - stars of a new wave.

In the role of Count Rezanov - Nikita Pozdnyakov.

The role of Conchita is performed by Svetlana Bakaeva.

Leading actors are also involved in the play.

Alexei Rybnikov Theater - Valery Anokhin, Nikolai Drozdovsky, Alexander Akmanov, Natalya Krestyanskikh, Ekaterina Kulchitskaya, Nikolai Lyutov, Anna Kurkova, Yves Nabiev, Maria Savina, Egor Nikolaev, Pavel Zibrov, Leonid Sivets and others.


POSTPONED: Juno and Avos
October 14, 2021
08:00pm to 10:00pm