ECA Presents Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


After 27 years, 11 records, over 3000 live shows, and countless appearances in film and television, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is still reminding the world that it’s cool to swing. Since its remarkable arrival onto the music scene in the early nineties, the band continues to introduce new audiences to their legendary high energy music. The band was at the forefront of the swing revival, blending a vibrant fusion of the classic American sounds of jazz, swing, and Dixieland, with the energy and spirit of contemporary culture.

Sponsored by Marla Miller & Al Huff, Margaret & Tom Mesaros, Bob & Sylvana Rinehart, David Schaefer & Pat Moriarty


ECA Presents Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
November 21, 2020
07:30pm to 09:30pm