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"I AM HERE" with Anatoly Beliy


After a sold-out run in Israel, theatre actor Anatoly Belyy brings a highly anticipated US premiere of “I AM HERE”, a dramatic performance, staged by director Egor Trukhin. Belyy's "everyman" character is lonely and lost during these terrible times, taking the audience on an emotional exploration of one's identity, having a conversation about our innermost feelings, sometimes funny and sad, or tragic and comical, but always sincere. Written after the start of Russia's war in Ukraine, "I AM HERE" is a dramatic tapestry of works by contemporary poets: Alya Haitlina, Zhenya Berkovich, Lena Berson, Michael Eisenberg, Roman Osminkin, Konstantin Buzin, M.K. translated by Anna Krushelnitskaya.

Anatoly Belyy is formerly one of Russia's most lauded dramatic actors of his generation, with several critically acclaimed theatrical appearances as a leading actor of the Moscow Art Theatre, as well as over 50 film roles. Lauded for his anti-war position, Anatoly Belyy left Russia for Israel after the start of Russia's war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. He is currently an actor with Israel's Gesher Theater.

Egor Trukhin is a young director,  graduate of the Moscow Theatre College under the guidance of Oleg Tabakov, and of the famed The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) as a student of Sergey Zhenovach, Artistic Director of Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. Trukhin declared his anti-war position after February 24, 2022, and left Russia for Israel, where he is currently working with Gesher Theater.

$55 - $95