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Edmonds Public Facilities District

The Edmonds PFD was established under the authority of the Laws of the State of Washington, 1999, Chapter 165, pursuant to Ordinance No. 3358 of the City Council of the City of Edmonds, passed on April 24, 2001. Under RCW 35.57 the City has authority to form a public facilities district for the purposes, inter alia, of acquiring, constructing, operating, promoting and financing a regional center.

Edmonds PFD developed a performing arts center within the city of Edmonds called Edmonds Center for the Arts that provides for meetings, conferences, community events, sporting events, trade shows, and artistic, musical theatrical, or other cultural exhibitions, presentations or performances to the City, the County, and the entire state and their residents. Edmonds Center for the Arts is a strong contributor to the economic vitality of the region and is a source of great pride to the community and its patrons, staff and volunteers.

Meetings of the Edmonds PFD are held the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30 am at Edmonds Center for the Arts. If a meeting is to be cancelled, a cancellation notice will be posted at ECA and on the ECA website 24 hours in advance. To be placed on the email list to receive meeting materials, Please contact Lori Meagher, Associate Executive Director, at lori@ec4arts.org for more information.

Edmonds Public Facilities District is the municipal corporation that owns and operates Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA), a premier regional performing arts venue and a historically significant facility in the heart of downtown Edmonds, WA. The EPFD Board works in partnership with a separate nonprofit Board of 20 members (ECA Board) to ensure the financial health and operating success of the Center.

Serving nearly 80,000 people each year, Edmonds Center for the Arts brings over 25 exciting presentations to the stage annually, serves as a home for partner organizations including Cascade Symphony Orchestra, Sno-King Community Chorale and Olympic Ballet Theatre; boasts a classic gymnasium that is active year-round with sports activities; and contains classroom spaces available for meetings and events. The Center has an estimated annual economic impact of $3.8M, and provides vital arts and cultural activities that build community and enhance the quality of life locally and regionally.

Members of the Edmonds PFD Board are appointed by the Edmonds City Council.

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