Pamyua Dance Workshop & Pre-Show Event


Join members of Pamyua, an Inuit-soul music group on Thursday, April 4, 2024, at 5:00PM at Edmonds Center for the Arts, for a FREE workshop on Yup'ik Dancing.

This interactive experience teaches Yup'ik drum-dance songs and choreography. In this class, members of Pamyua explain the ancestral, environmental, and spiritual motivations common in Central Yup'ik tradition from Southwestern Alaska. In this workshop, Pamyua will provide an overview of Inuit cultures from the circumpolar North, showing the relationship between indigenous peoples from Eastern Siberia, Alaska, Canada to Greenland. Students will be introduced to the Yup'ik language through their music and be able to see a glimpse of performance & ceremony through dance.

No prior dance experience is necessary, and the workshop will be capped at 20 participants. This workshop is intergenerational and open to participants 12 and up. Guardians must provide consent and register for students 12-17. Intergenerational workshops at Edmonds Center for the Arts are programmed to intentionally bridge generations through the celebration of dance, art and culture.

The workshop will be held on ECA’s stage, and members of the greater community are invited to audit the workshop from the theater seats.

Please note: Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian or provide a signed consent form.

This event is FREE! Pease register using the "Buy Tickets" button.